The Landmark Wealth Management Approach

Relationship Driven

  • Focus is on the client relationship
  • Attainment of your goals is the focal point of service
  • Diagnosis of the situation before prescribing solutions
  • Providing investment clarity and knowledge
  • Comprehensive wealth management approach, including tax-sensitive portfolio construction, estate planning, and general financial planning

Fiercely Independent and Objective

  • Seek to represent your best interest and work hard on your behalf
  • Do not have proprietary funds or products for recommendations
  • Do not take any "soft dollars," 12b(1) fees, or any other fee for recommending a product
  • Do not take custody of assets

High Level of Professional Service & Expertise

  • Practitioners, not salesman - maintain the highest level of industry certifications
  • Multiple industry certifications, including CPA®, CIMA®, CFP®, MBA®
  • We have many years of combined investment industry experience

Proactive Approach to Research and Management

  • We utilize proprietary internal research as well as independent national research consultants
  • Not only perform searches, but also recommend investment changes
  • Focus on risk management to reduce downside
  • Tax sensitive strategies and portfolio construction, aimed at opportunistically reducing taxes and increasing total, after tax net return

Open Architecture

  • Comprehensive selection of investment vehicles
  • Access to entire universe of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, stocks, bonds, options, certificate of deposits, annuities
  • Access to certain closed funds and products, lower minimums and institutional pricing
  • No custodian fee options are available

Straightforward Reporting

  • Reports are succinct and easy to understand, with full disclosure
  • Reports show account performance, earnings, and allocation