Coordinated Wealth Management Services

There are many pieces to wealth management, including investment consulting, tax advice, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance needs, and college planning. Each of these pieces are integrated and focused toward achievement of your goals.

Comprehensive wealth planning helps to provide direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. By viewing each financial decision as part of a whole, you can consider its short and long-term effects on your life. Wealth Management is not a one-time solution to achieving financial goals; instead, it is a dynamic process. Therefore, investors should have the mindset of patience, discipline and consistency to achieve their goals with maximum success. Personal situations and objectives change over time, so we must periodically assess your progress in reaching your goals and making adjustments as needed.

Investment Consulting

We provide independent and objective investment advice to our clients on an ongoing basis. The investment advisory service includes constant monitoring and integration of all pieces of each client's investment portfolio. Our Investment Committee meets regularly to review our firm-wide investment choices, explore new investment opportunities, and discuss any special topics. The committee also meets regularly to review our asset allocation models, and make changes based on developments in the capital markets and global economy. Our approach is completely customized to each client's investment assets, constraints, and risk tolerance. Our portfolios are highly diversified, covering multiple asset classes.

We serve our clients best by having a complete understanding of their investment accounts. We link all the pieces of the financial puzzle, so that we can provide the optimal allocation and investment recommendations across multiple accounts.

Understanding the Complete Picture is Important

Tax Services

Through our affiliate, Chiampou Travis Besaw Kershner LLP we are able to provide a full spectrum of personal, pass-through entity, business and fiduciary tax return compliance, and tax consulting services. This link between our two firms results in a tax-advantaged investment plan and a tax-integrated approach to our overall personal wealth management service for our clients. In an environment of complicated and ever-changing tax laws and tax rates, the importance of a tax-integrated approach to personal wealth management cannot be stressed enough. We are able to coordinate with all existing client tax advisors to provide them with the best after-tax results.

Estate Planning

We help our clients develop an estate plan that best executes their desired goals. We facilitate this process by meeting with our clients regularly, in an effort to understand their complete situation and create a thoughtful and comprehensive plan. We develop outlines for wills prior to meeting with attorneys. We will identify and assist with the instruments necessary to meet the unique needs of our clients' estate plans.

Retirement Planning

Our retirement planning approach is an ongoing process in which we work with our clients to identify their goals and create projections on the necessary steps to reach them. We often find that these goals change many times throughout a client's life, and amend each plan accordingly. Our sophisticated analysis provides our clients with detailed scenarios to help them achieve success in retirement. We have extensive experience in aiding our clients from the saving stages of life to retirement spending. We are also experienced in helping our clients realize the value they have built into their businesses when it is time to sell them.

Insurance Analysis

We review our client's insurance needs and work with their insurance providers to recommend appropriate insurance strategies, given their circumstances. As an independent advisor, we do not sell or receive commission for any insurance products.

Retirement Plan Consulting

As a professional investment advisor to corporate 401(k) plans, our approach assists participants from the burden of allocating and monitoring their own portfolios, and provides much-needed fiduciary protection to plan sponsors. There are four distinct advantages to the Landmark Wealth Management 401(k) program: (1) Access to Exclusive Investments; (2) Fee Transparency / Cost Savings; (3) Advisor-Managed Portfolios; and (4) Communication and Service.