Disciplined Investment Process

Independence and Objectivity: Landmark is an independent, fee-only advisor.

Costs: We help our clients keep their overall costs low.

Taxes: We help many of our clients achieve excess returns above the strategic tax management.

Access: Landmark opens up opportunities so our clients can invest in outstanding investment vehicles that may be closed to other investors, either because the funds are only open to certain advisors or their minimums are too high.

Asset Allocation and Asset Location: Landmark assists clients in maximizing after-tax returns by globally diversifying assets and by placing certain assets in non-taxable accounts.

High Level of Diversification: Landmark is constantly looking at various ways to reduce risk through prudent diversification by incorporating multiple asset classes that are part of the global capital markets.

Periodic Rebalancing: Proactive rebalancing is necessary to control risk and allow us to pursue the goal of buying low and selling high.

Integrated Planning: Landmark Wealth Management makes sure the investment portfolio reflects the client's unique tax situation and overall financial planning goals.

Winning by Not Losing: Down markets are impossible to avoid, but through the emphasis on diversification and risk reduction, Landmark Wealth Management helps our clients mitigate the downside of capital market corrections.

Trusted Advisory Team: We are a team of professionals that is committed to a long-term relationship of serving our clients and our clients' family for multiple generations. We see ourselves as "partners" with our clients, dedicated to helping them succeed through the various stages and circumstances of their lives.